Tired of following people you'll never meet in real life?

Isn't it about time a social networking site actually grew your real-life social network??

That time is now!  Welcome to Neibr.

Neibr (pronounced 'Neighbor') is a mobile app that helps you meet your actual neibrs by socializing with nearby users, local social clubs, and fun activities!

How it works


Step 1:  Sign up and say a little about yourself

Step 2: Join local events in your neibrhood

Step 3: Browse local profiles and say hello!

Key Features


CLUBS: Easily organize your people on Neibr

CALENDAR: Keep track of your new social life

MESSAGES: Quickly say "hello" to new friends


Download  today!


Get in Touch

We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about how Neibr works or with any feedback you may have!