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What type of clients are loyal to businesses? Clients who love to visit the business together with their friends!



Yogis who have a 6:45am yoga class are more motivated for that early morning class if there is a friend waiting for them. If they don't have any friends joining in, they're much more likely to hit snooze and skip class.


More friends for your clients =

A better life for them and more business for you!

Neibr Clubs can help any type of business (coffee shops, gyms, local restaurants, etc.) organize their most loyal clients by allowing you to:

  • Easily create a social club based on your specific business

  • Invite your clients to organized social events

Neibr's network will also display these events to the entire local community, therefore, generating new potential business!

Our Club Membership is FREE for the first 3 months and only $4.99 a month after & includes access to: 

  • Unlimited events

  • Unlimited members

  • Unlimited communications with local community


To get started, just install Neibr from the Apple or Google App Store and follow the easy steps below to create your club.


If you'd like to partner with Neibr to promote your events or to ask any other questions, please contact us at:

How to create a Neibr Club


Step 1:  Sign up for Neibr and go to "Clubs"

Step 2: Select the "+" to create a new Neibr Club

2 - New Club_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.p

Step 3: Enter Club details and images

3 - Organize a Club_iphonexspacegrey_por
1 - Clubs Icon_iphonexspacegrey_portrait

How to manage your Neibr Club

1. Go to "My Clubs" via Flag-Star button

2. Within "My Clubs"  manage your club

3. Easily manage your club membership

4 - My Clubs Button_iphonexspacegrey_por
5 - My Clubs View_iphonexspacegrey_portr
6 - Club Membership_iphonexspacegrey_por

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