Meet your neibrs!

In New York City, you have thousands of neibrs on your block, who you have never truly spoken with before. People just like you, who share similar hobbies and are riding this rollercoaster of life. Neibr has created a platform for you to interact and meet groups of people in your area, for free! 

At Diner
Outdoor Movie Screening

Free Social Clubs!

Clubs are an integral part of the Neibr community, and allow neibrs to connect with each other in the real-world. Whatever hobbie, intrest or desire you have, there is a club for you on Neibr!

Free Activities!

Neibr offers hundreds of free activities all over NYC! Everything from sports & adventure to cooking & jam sessions. And if you don't find exactly what your looking for, you can create your own activity for free! Bring your community together and get to know your neibrs.